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Additional Experience

Trained and worked with dogs that have appeared in:

Movies and TV Shows –

  1. The Secret of My Success with Michael J. Fox
  2. See No Evil, Hear No Evil with Gene Wilder, Richard Pryor, Kevin Spacey and Joan Severance
  3. Lady Beware with Diane Lane; Kojak with Telly Savalas
  4. The Equalizer with Edward Woodward
  5. Spencer for Hire with Robert Ulrich
  6. Street Hunter with Steve James
  7. The Pick Up Artist with Vanessa Williams and Robert Downey Jr;
  8. MTV; the Jon Stewart Show
  9. Late Night with David Letterman, and others.
  10. Commercials – Colt 45 Malt Liquor Commercial with Billy Dee Williams, Converse Bad
    Man Sneakers
  11. Dog Bite Prevention Public Service Announcements for the United States Postal Service.

Featured in the following:


  • Canine Expert Appeared as an expert on The Rachael Maddow Show on MSNBC in 2010
  • Appear as an expert on Street Court. Filmed in November 2009 in NYC qualified and testified on Street Court TV under Judge Michael Mazzerello.
  • TV News Reports Fox 5 News; WOR Channel 9 News “Dogs Afraid of Fireworks”“Meet Bob Brandau a Real Life Dog Whisperer.” John Huddy Unit 9 news Fox.

Newspaper Articles

  • Advertiser-News, North Newton, NJ, April 5, 2007 “Sussex County’s own ‘Dog Whisperer’ knows what your dog is thinking… The Peaceable Kingdom of Bob Brandau”. Rosa Kasper  News Reporter
  • Pike County Dispatch, Milford, PA, September 21, 2006 “In Home Psychological Dog Training… Canine Companions methods are based on dog psychology”.
  • New Jersey Sunday Herald, November 15, 1998 “Talking to the animals. Robert Brandau talks to the animals”.
  • Advertiser-News North, Addition, Newton, NJ January 15, 1998 “Trainer teaches Sussex County dog owners how to behave”
  • Daily Record, New Jersey 1988 Robert Brandau helps the “Sussex Sheriff track down the right dog for a tough job”.

Radio Interviews

  • WTIC 1080 Talk News Radio, 2006 “Robert Brandau solves dog problems during live broadcast over the airways”
  • WCTC 1450 News Weather Traffic, 2005 “Robert Brandau talks about why corrections often backfire”
  • W4WN .com The Nancy Pristine Radio Show 2010 and 2011 “Robert H. Brandau explains dog psychology and NLP

Special Work In NLP

  1. Directed Videos on NLP for John LaValle and Richard Bandler
  2. Directed and Edited Nested Loops Instructional Video on NLP for Richard Bandler
  3. Instructional Videos Persuasion Engineering Video on NLP for John LaValle and Richard Bandler