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Dog Bite Expert Witness Service

I am New Jersey State Animal Control Officer, Robert H. Brandau, Canine Behavior Expert. I provide expert behavioral opinions regarding personal injury as a result of an incident involving dogs. I am available nationwide for criminal and civil cases, plaintiff or defense.

What I do:

  • Review discovery, evidence, and sometimes examine the dog and incident scene in order to render a scientific canine behavioral expert opinion and report.
  • Provide an analysis of canine aggression, dangerous and vicious dogs, and dog breeds.
  • Provide dog bite incident reconstruction.
  • Give expert advice and analysis on your particular circumstances and provide expert witness testimony.
  • Animal Control issues concerning dangerous dogs and notice.
  • Evaluate canine behavioral problems, specifically aggression displayed towards humans and other animals, as well as provide basic and advanced training, scene assessment, human behavior concerning canines, non-verbal communications and human & canine body language.
  • Show how to implement the correct procedure for the restraining and handling of aggressive animals. As a trained New Jersey State Certified Animal Control Officer, I am trained in establishing probable cause, scene assessment and how to collect and introduce evidence.
  • Provide court testimony on canine issues. I have testified and been deposed in a number of dog-related cases and I am familiar with New Jersey Statute 4:19-23 Potentially Dangerous Dog Law.

Please contact me to discuss any of these issues:

  • Dog bites
  • Dog jumping incidents
  • Dogs running at large
  • Dogs terrorizing children or adults
  • Lost dogs
  • Canine containment and control issues
  • Canine housing and care issues
  • Canine co-ownership issues
  • Invisible fencing containment issues
  • Canine product liability cases
  • Dog bite provocation
  • Owner negligence
  • Dogs possessing dangerous tendencies
  • police dog attacks
  • Olfactory (Scent detection and tracking) capabilities of police dogs used in suspect apprehension
  • Standards of Care issues

Retain Me as an Expert.