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A woman loses her finger in a Pit Bull attack at a local dog park

A woman loses her finger in a Pit Bull attack at the local dog park trying to save her dog during dog fight in New Jersey.

This case started out as one dog fighting another dog and it ended up with a person getting bitten. At a local dog park the plaintiff’s dog was attacked by the defendant’s Pit Bull. During the attack the plaintiff approached the dogs and reached for her dog to pull it away from the Pit Bull. The plaintiff’s middle finger was bitten off. A witness found the finger but doctors were unable to reattach it. Neither of the dogs had any injuries. The defendant said the plaintiff’s Collie bit her and the plaintiff claimed the defendant’s Pit Bull bit her.

I was hired as an expert in dog on dog on dog aggression and people during a dog fight by the plaintiff. I created a temperament test that would determine if the either of the dogs was a target biter, meaning that they would quickly bite a quickly moving object such as a hand reaching towards it.

I recreated the scene which showed it was more likely that the Pit Bull attacked the plaintiff. I showed that the plaintiff’s Collie lacked the behavioral indicators that would have made it possible to bite in a way that would cause that type of injury to the plaintiff’s finger. I also used a bite analysis to show that the Pit Bull had bitten the plaintiff’s finger with it’s incisors by showing how the teeth matched the injury.