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Police accused of using Police k9 dog with excessive force during an arrest in New Jersey

(Federal Court)

During a violent robbery at a gas station the police responding arrived to see someone hitting the attendant with a claw hammer. After chasing the suspect police wrestled the hammer away but were unable to handcuff the suspect. The k9 handler released the k9 dog to assist in making the arrest. The suspect was bitten over 17 times before he was finally handcuffed.

The defendant accused the police of using excessive force. The police claimed it was necessary to allow the k9 dog to repeatedly bite the suspect because he was resisting arrest.

I was hired as an expert in the use of a police k9 dog and deployment procedures and uses during an arrest by the plaintiff. I was able to show how the police k9 dog is to be deployed and why it is necessary to follow established protocols to ensure the safety of the k9 dog as well as other police officers and innocent by standers.

I was able to show that the handling procedures were not followed correctly, according to the police training requirements in New Jersey.