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Pit Bull attacks woman and breaks her arm in 8 places in Washington State

Pit Bull attacks woman and breaks her arm in 8 places – Animal Control may have failed to follow law in Washington State.

Animal Control was called in by police to the scene of a dog on dog attack. 2 Pit Bull dogs owned by the same owner were fighting and couldn’t be stopped. The Animal Control Officer (ACO) used a kennel pole to separate the dogs. One dog was declared potentially dangerous. The owner told the ACO that she had no control over the dogs and could not provide veterinary care for the injured animals. The ACO left the injured animals with the owner and gave her time to get into compliance with the law as well as appeal the potentially dangerous complaint.

The owner left the next day without any forwarding address. One month later Animal Control was called to another dog fight with the same dog that had been declared potentially dangerous and the owner. This time the dog could not be stopped with the kennel pole so the police deployed a Taser to stop it. The dog was again declared dangerous.

The ACO left the injured dog with the owner because the shelter was full. The ACO knew the owner was not in compliance with the potentially dangerous dog complaint and that the owner might relocate with the dog to avoid the restrictions of the law. The next day the owner and dog were gone.

10 days later the same dog attacked a women and during the attack broke her arm in 8 places. The dog had to be beaten off the victim with an iron skillet. The dog was in a neighboring jurisdiction. While in that facility it was tested, determined to be vicious, and euthanized.

I was hired as an expert on Animal Control policies and procedures concerning the impoundment and compliance requirements of dangerous dogs by the plaintiff to establish what a reasonably prudent Animal Control Officer would have done in regards to the handling and impoundment of potentially dangerous dogs.

The case was tried in front of a jury in Seattle Washington.