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Great Dane bites 11 year old boy in the face on school grounds in Buffalo New York

Great Dane bites 11 year old boy in the face after football practice on school grounds in Buffalo NY.

After football practice on school property, an 11 year old boy was bitten in the face around his lips and nose. Dogs were not permitted on the property. The owner of the Great Dane was known for trespassing on school property with the dog. Several teachers and coaches were aware that the dog was there and shouldn’t be but never did anything about it because the dog owner was known to be difficult. The boy asked if he could pet the dog. He was told it was okay and that the dog was friendly. When the boy reached out to pet the dog it bit him. All this occurred in front of several witnesses, who all were watching and listening when this happened.

I was hired as an expert by the plaintiff to show the standard of care for a reasonably prudent premises owner in regards to dogs that are permitted on the property, safety issues for people and other dogs, and recognizing dangerous propensities.

I created and applied a temperament test to evaluate the Great Dane for reactive aggression to show whether or not the dog’s owner knew or should have known their dog had dangerous propensities and failed to prevent an interaction.

In addition, I posed these questions:

  1. Would a reasonably prudent dog owner disobey the rules regarding trespassing on school property with their dog?
  2. Should the teachers and coaches have enforced the school policy that does not allow for pet dogs to be on the property by having the dog removed the dog removed?

When the defendant was deposed, it was discovered that there were prior incidents concerning reactive aggression similar to what the dog displayed in this incident.