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A Rottweiler and Border Collie start fighting – one of the owners bitten in Connecticut

In a Connecticut dog park a Rottweiler and a Border Collie started fighting each other. One of the owners was bitten.

At the neighborhood dog park in the afternoon a Border Collie was playing with it’s ball and owner. A Rottweiler became involved with the Border Collie when the ball came close to him. The dogs started to growl and snap at each other. The owners intervened and the owner of the Border Collie got bitten in the hand. The Border Collie’s owner says the Rottweiler bit her and the Rottweiler’s owner says that the Border Collie bit her.

I was hired as an expert to figure out which dog bit, by the plaintiff.

I reconstructed the bite moment using testimony from the witnesses and simulated the movement of the people and the dogs right before the bite took place and showed that in fact the Rottweiler did in fact do the biting. This was shown by using a bite impression from both dogs and matching the teeth marks from the impressions to the photographic evidence of the injuries.