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8 year old Child is attacked by a Great Dane at friend’s birthday in New York state

8 year old child is attacked by a Great Dane at his friend’s birthday party while playing hide an seek in New York state.

An 8 year old boy visited a friend’s house for a birthday party with 15 other children. During a game of hide and seek that child went upstairs and into a bedroom to hide. There happened to a Great Dane in the room. When the boy went to pet the dog it bit him in the face.

I was hired as an expert in canine behavior by the plaintiff to determine what happened and if the owner of the dog failed to prevent an interaction from their dog.

I looked into the dog’s background as well as the history of his ownership. I was able to show that the dog was known for nipping and that was why he was put in a different room. I helped determine that the owner failed to prevent an interaction and protect the child from the dog.