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5 Rottweilers kill a 3 year old toddler in front of 5 year old sibling in Pittsburgh, Pa.

5 Rottweilers were involved the fatal mauling of a 3 year old toddler while playing in the back yard with 5 year old brother. The two children were in the back yard with the family’s 5 Rottweiler pet dogs. The children were left unattended for half an hour. A member of the family found the child unresponsive, bleeding, and bitten several times by the dogs. The dogs were quarantined. Experts were sought to determine what had happened and which of the 5 dogs were responsible for the attack.

I was hired as an expert on canine pack aggression by the defendant to determine the cause of the attack and whether or not the dogs had shown prior indications of aggression that were overlooked.