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2 Pit Bulls escape back yard and attack man in Baltimore, Maryland

The plaintiff was attacked in an alley behind the dog owners’ house. The dog owners claimed that it was not their fault and it was an accident.

I was hired as an expert on canine containment by the plaintiff to show that the dog owners failed to properly contain their dogs. I discovered that the dog owners had a history of their dogs running at large. I discovered that he gate was haphazardly repaired by analyzing different photographs of the dogs and the backyard provided by the defendant taken at different times.

I was able to determine:

  1. The owners failed to properly contain the dogs.
  2. The fence gate was in disrepair and would not latch properly.
  3. The dogs had escaped through the gate.
  4. The dog owners knew or should have known that their gate would fail if tested by the dogs.
  5. The dogs were dangerous.