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(After you have applied first aid.)

Make sure you…

  1. Take pictures of the dog, the injuries, the witnesses, the scene and anything else that is pertinent. Pictures reveal things to experts that often go unnoticed by victims, owners and sometimes attorneys.  I have won cases because of evidence revealed in photographs that no else payed any attention to. Take pictures right away.
  2. Note the location,the witnesses,time and weather.
  3. Admit nothing about the incident to anyone.  State only what would have been witnessed on a video of the incident, make no explanations about what was
  4. Write down what happened. Be clear and write what would have been witnessed on a video of the incident. Write your opinion of the incident, who was right, wrong, witnessed the event, whether the dog was good or bad, whether or not the owner had control of the dog, if the dog was known to be dangerous, who is at fault and why and any history of those involved, etc…
  5. Hire an experienced attorney. A dog bite case is complicated and time sensitive. An experienced attorney understands the anatomy of a dog bite case and can properly prepare for a settlement or trial. The attorney will know how to hire and retain me as an expert to properly represent you.