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You’re at the dog park watching your dog play and all of the sudden another dog starts to fight with your dog. They are growling and barking at each other. The sound is scary like they are trying to kill one another. You head over to save your dog and you end up getting bitten. This happens often. The other dog’s owner says it was your own dog that bit you and claims that your dog started the fight but you saw the other dog clearly was the aggressor.

You must be careful when trying to break up a dog fight. Try to get something in-between the dogs. If you touch the dogs they may spin around and attack you by accident. What do you do? Once you get the dogs separated; take pictures of the other dog and it’s owner as well as any witnesses that are standing around. Get the names of the witnesses.

And take pictures of the injuries. Note the date, time and weather. Seek treatment.

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