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Can a dog owner be charged criminally even if their dog has never had a physical interaction with any victims?

A woman was walking on the sidewalk down an unfamiliar street and became startled by a pair of large dogs who jumped up on a fence barking. The fence was thirty feet from the sidewalk. The women fell and broke her hip on the curb in front of the house.
The dog owner knew his dogs displayed this behavior. The dogs were declared dangerous because they caused serious bodily injury when they startled the women and she fell. Harboring a dangerous dog in some states is a criminal offense and has a possible jail sentence. You need to be responsible for your dog’s behavior and take measures to eliminate over zealous barking and aggression.

Dogs suffer from barrier frustration when they are prevented from interacting with people or animals on the other side of a barrier. Barriers are also created if a dog is chained and cannot interact with creatures beyond the reach of the chain. DON’T chain or tie your dog out and take action if your dog is showing any aggression or protective behavior that you cannot get to stop when you attempt to do so; and you should test to see that you can.

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