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Why Do I Need An Expert?!

Why are experts needed?

Lets start with an example: you have your car repaired at a repair shop. The car breaks down again and the repair shop says its your fault but you think they did not repair it properly because you didn’t do anything to the car that would have caused it to break. You want to take them to court because they won’t repair the car again and claim that it’s your fault.

In order for you to prove to the court that the repair shop failed to repair the car you will need someone who is qualified (an expert) to testify why the repair shop failed and what a reasonably prudent repair shop would have done. Without the testimony of an expert the court has know way of knowing whether or not the repair shop performed the repair to your car correctly.
When a dog has caused an injury you will need an expert to prove what caused injury and who is at fault.

Some of the things an dog bite expert can prove are; did the victim provoke the dog and cause the injury?, did the owner know their dog was dangerous and fail to prevent an interaction?, did the property manger allow a dog, known to be dangerous, to be permitted on the property?, did the owner fail to properly train their dog? In some cases their are more than one dog involved. You will need an expert to prove which dog inflicted the injuries. An expert can reconstruct the bite incident and show how the injury occurred. !